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Biking in Inver Grove Heights: Regional Bike Trails

By Stacy Brooks

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With stellar views of the Mississippi River, refreshing drinks, and delicious eats, the Mississippi Pub has long been an ideal place to relax and celebrate in Inver Grove Heights.  Now there’s a new way to enjoy the space, thanks to a permanent pavilion that accommodates up to 250 guests.

The 4,000 square foot event space officially opened in August 2022, and it has already hosted the restaurant’s popular Oktoberfest celebration, bean bag leagues, and other events.

Mississippi Pub Pavilion

“For Oktoberfest, we used to rent a large tent and put it in the parking lot,” says Mississippi Pub owner Melissa Harms.  “The blueprint of the pavilion mimicked the tent, so we’re holding Oktoberfest there as well—we did that last year for the first year.  We’ve always had bean bag leagues in the space where the pavilion is, and now it’s become a more multi-use space.”

Importantly, the pavilion allows Mississippi Pub to host events without worrying about inclement weather.  “You can plan on your event happening no matter what,” says Harms.  “We’ve installed heat, and we have side panels that can go up.”

In addition to events hosted by Mississippi Pub, like bean bag leagues and the annual Oake on the Water concert, the pavilion is available for private rentals.  Harms notes that they’ve already hosted fundraisers, retirement parties, birthday parties, and corporate events.  “It’s really  allowed us to branch out,” she says.  “Before, weather was the determining factor.”

Mississippi Pub Thursday Bags Night

Mississippi Pub provides in-house catering for private rentals, with a range of options for various types of events and price points.  “We’ve done anything from passed hors d’oeuvres to build-your-own burger bars, the sky’s the limit!  We have a lot of experience, and a really strong team as well,” says Harms.

“As an example, right now we’re working with a customer who wants passed hors d’oeuvres and hot and cold food stations—it’s a more formal corporate event.  We also just did an appetizer buffet for a nonprofit organization’s annual public meeting.”

If you’d like to book the pavilion for your next celebration, an inquiry form is available on the Mississippi Pub website.  Simply provide the details about the size of your event, preferred date and time, budget, and any additional requests, and the Mississippi Pub team will help you create a memorable event.  Keep an eye on the website and Mississippi Pub Facebook page for information about upcoming public events. 

Mississippi Pub
4455 66th Street E
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076


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